Private Investigations and Detective ServicesThe initial consultation is free. After the consultation, we will have a better understanding of the service you are requesting and the expected outcome. At that point, we will discuss options and make suggestions that are specific to your request. If you decide to move forward, it is our policy that an Agency Client Agreement be signed by both parties. A deposit is required prior to moving forward with the investigation. The amount of the deposit varies and is based on the estimated hours, travel etc.

InfoCorp will customize an investigative strategy to best meet your specific needs. Various investigative equipment and techniques are used in pursuit of the facts and evidence to prove or disprove your suspicions. The evidence in the form of video, photo and a detailed report is paramount to assist in your legal case or give you closure in your personal life. InfoCorp investigators are diligent and aggressive in pursuing evidence while continuing to be professional, ethical and acting within the scope of state statutes.

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