Professional background screening and record searchesInfoCorp Investigative Services, LLC research Federal, State & Local records to report and or retrieve public records. Record research includes but is not limited to NAME / ADDRESS / SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER VERIFICATION, CRIMINAL, INCARCERATION, CIVIL, TRAFFIC, DRIVING, VEHICLE TITLE, PROPERTY, BANKRUPTCY, DEATH, BIRTH, MARRIAGE, DIVORCE records. Arm yourself with information on a potential employee or an individual who is having unsupervised access to your child, an elderly relative or a person with a medical condition that limits their strength and or ability to protect themselves from harm. If you meet someone online, allow us to verify who they are and that the information they give you is accurate. This is an inexpensive process that alerts you of the possibility of mischievous or criminal behavior. We deliver reliable, complete and current information while complying with all applicable Federal, State and Local laws.


pre-employment screening and backgroundsThere are many reasons to perform Pre-Employment Screening on every new employee. According to the US Department of Commerce, many business failures are due to poor hiring practices. Annual losses generated by poor hires, absenteeism, drug abuse and theft amount to several billion dollars per year. We understand that the needs and requirements are unique for each employer. InfoCorp specializes in customizing a Pre-Employment Screening Report to meet each of our client’s unique needs and requirements. InfoCorp investigators research various public records at State, Federal and Local levels to provide you with a professional consumer report. We also offer Education Verification as well as Credit Reports with a signed authorization. If an out of state check is necessary, InfoCorp teams up with a network of Researchers and Private Investigators Nationwide to complete the client’s request. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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